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Training and Development

As a Partner, Instructor and Master Ceramist, Yuji Ono (a former graduate of Osaka University Dental Technology Institute, as well as a post graduate instructor at Tokyo Dental College of Technology) directly trains each Fuji ceramist and leads the team at Fuji's sister laboratory in Los Angeles, California (Fuji West).

Yuji Ono is widely considered one of the nation's most respected ceramists, and his talents represent an invaluable contribution to Fuji's overall success. Yuji emphasizes that training is the key to maintaining consistent quality.

Each technician on the Fuji staff has completed courses at the Pankey Institute, and is trained along the guidelines taught by Dr. Alvin Fillastre, Dr. Bill Strupp, Dr. Pete Dawson.

Yuji Ono's Aesthetic Department
Yuji Ono's Aesthetic Department

Dental Lab

Fuji Dental Lab's Team Leaders

Fuji Dental Lab takes great pride in being one of the country’s most successful mid-size dental laboratories while maintaining a “small lab” atmosphere. Our experience and organization enables us to handle a high volume of work and offer all the latest dental systems. 

Each team member is committed to providing a personal touch and exceptional service for each of our dentist-clients, and to handling each dental case as if it were our only case!  We are always willing and able to meet the needs of each of our dentists and will continue to strive to be the very best dental laboratory in our industry today.

View our video "A Day At The Fuji Dental Laboratory"

Kip Estep
Kip Estep
President, Fuji Dental Lab

"Fuji technicians not only have good work ethics, but they truly care about the quality of their work. As a company, we are small enough to care, but big enough to serve each doctor on a one-on-one basis."

Yuji Ono
Yuji Ono
Partner & Master Ceramist,
Fuji Dental Lab

"When looking for a Fuji Team Member, we look for someone who has the qualities of a hard-worker, and who is very conscientious. It's that special someone who wants to deliver a product to doctors that they, too would be proud to have in their own mouth."

Bobby Baker
Bobby Baker
General Manager

Fuji Dental Lab

"Being employed at Fuji for over 12 years, I have been privileged to work with some of the finest dentist in the world today, and would consider several to be some of my closest friends. That's priceless!"

Dr. Earl Estep
Dr. Earl Estep
Retired DDS & World Known Speaker,
Fuji Dental Lab

Much of the priceless wisdom applied at Fuji is derived from the long and distinguished career of the world known and now retired Dr. Earl Estep. Dr. Estep's well-respected advice on practice management, economics and common sense guidance for daily life was made available to countless attendees of his continuing education seminars, now commonly known as the famous "Earl's Pearls" - click here to view them all!

Fuji Dental Laboratory's Executive Team: Pictured from left: Mark Butler, Mike O'Boyle, Bobby Baker, Cheryl Hiser,  Kip Estep, Christie Oliver, Jill Hubbell, Kelli Mabe, Ana Ortiz.

Fuji Dental Lab's Executive Team

Fuji Dental Lab's executive team is dedicated to personal service 
and providing consistently high quality restorations.

Pictured From left:  Mark Butler, Mike O'Boyle, Bobby Baker, Cheryl Hiser, 
Kip Estep, Christie Oliver, Jill Hubbell, Kelli Mabe, Ana Ortiz

Fuji Dental Lab Team Leaders
Kip Estep, Yuji Ono, Bobby Baker



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