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Dr. Greg Kerbel

We have relied on Fuji for all our ceramics for more than 12 years. The vitality of their restorative products are tremendous, and the fit is consistently excellent. Whether the case requires a single veneer, or a full mouth reconstruction, the end results are phenomenally beautiful and life-like.

Dr. Greg Kerbel
Garland, Texas


Dr. Randy Jones

I have been pleased with our relationship over the past 22 years with Fuji. As an LVI Instructor, I see work from labs all over the United States, and Fuji is as good as it gets. Their product is not only very cost-conservative, but also their quality precision, and beautiful cosmetics are exactly what has kept me loyal to Fuji for some many years... and their personal service is another added bonus to myself and my dental team! .

Dr. Randy Jones
Charleston, South Carolina


Dental Products Made in the USADental Mill

Taking all expectations to a new level, Fuji Dental Lab has proudly established it's very own In-House Milling Center serving all dentists and other laboratories who choose to provide their patients with crowns made in the United States.

Learn More about Fuji Dental Lab's In-House Milling Center
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Please call 800-624-9412 for Pricing



Fuji Dental Lab Proudly Supports These Dental Implant Manufacturers:

If you would like more detailed information pertaining to each company's dental implants, please click on any of the company logos or call our office at 800-624-9412 to speak to Daniel Nolen, Fuji's Dental Implant Specialist.






Nobel Biocare














Dental Lab

Fuji Dental Lab Products

Fuji Dental Lab has been in business over 30 years and continuously maintains a prestigious reputation in dental crown and bridge ceramics as well as high quality removable restorations. We are a full-service dental laboratory with Fixed and Removables Departments. Fuji Dental Lab is proudly one of the first labs in the country to establish it's very own In-House Milling Center serving all dentists and other laboratories who choose to provide their patients with crowns made in the USA.

Fuji Dental Lab offers fine, custom craftsmanship in dental product restorations and dental services including dental crowns, dental bridges, veneers, dentures, partial dentures and dental implants. We also over screw-retained fixed hybrid dentures such as All-on-4®, Pro Arch, Conus and our exclusive Fuji Kevlar Hybrid Dentures. The objective at Fuji has always been to be the best in the field, and to seek out doctors with the same goals who appreciate the fine craftsmanship our team produces on a daily basis.

Dental Product Restorations:

Porcelain to Metal

Dental Implants

Porcelain to High Noble
Titanium Custom Abutments
Porcelain to Semi-Precious
Goldhue Custom Abutments
Porcelain to Non-Precious
Zirconia Custom Abutments
Metal Occlusal
Implant Crown (High Noble Alloy)

Precision Attachments

Maryland Bridge

All Dental Ceramics

ERA Over-lock/RV/Micro
Cosmo Post
IPS e.Max Laminate Veneers

Additional Dental Services

Feldspathic Laminate Veneers
Rest Seat
In-House Zirconia Crown/Bridge
Diagnostic Wax Up
Zirconia Custom Abutment
Custom Shading (In-Lab)
IPS e.Max Esthetics
Temporaries - Wire
IPS e.Max
Wire Reinforcement
IPS e.Max Inlay/Onlay Post/Core
Maryland Bridge - Zirconia Only Belle Glass Inlay/Onlay
  Stints - Clear and Putty

All Metal Restorations

Porcelain 180 - 360 Degree Shoulder
Full Cast Crown
Crown Fit to Partial
Full Metal Inlay/Onlay
Reduction Coping


Dental Product Services:


Porcelain Fused to Metal
(PFM Crown)

Dental Implant Services

Non-precious (w)
Zirconia Atlantis Custom Abutment
Noble (w)
Titanium Atlantis Custom Abutment
High-Noble (w)
Goldhue Titanium Custom Abutment
High Noble (y)
Soft Tissue Model Work
Bio 2000 (y)
Labor Charge
on NON-Atlantis Implants Only
Implant Model Work

Full Cast Crown

Noble (w)  
High-Noble (y)  

All Porcelain Crown

Full Contour Zirconia (Fuji Bruxer) – In-House  
Lava (Zirconia Layered with Porcelain)  
IPS e.Max Esthetic  
IPS e.Max
Feldspathic Laminate
IPS e.Max Laminate
IPS e.Max Inlay/Onlay  
*Combination cases take longer, please call the lab for an estimated ship date.
**All bridges 6 units or more, add $6 per unit.




Dental Guards
Hard Acrylic
Hard/Soft Combination
Athletic Mouthguards


Full Dentures  
Partial Dentures  
Acrylic Partials  



Click on each photo for a larger image.







Fuji Dental Lab offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY against fractures on our crown and bridge restorations. If any of our crowns or bridges fracture, we will remake it at no charge provided the original crown or bridge is returned to the lab. This warranty does not include if the Dr. or patient requests a shade change, material change or if we request Dr. to take a new impression due to not being able to read margins. If a Dr. asks us to “guess trim” and the crown does not seat properly, it is the option of Fuji Dental Lab to charge for the remake crown either 50%-100% of the cost of the crown or bridge.




30 DAYS – Immediate dentures and immediate partials, flippers, Essix retainers up to 30 DAYS from the date of delivery if the failure is due to defects in materials or workmanship.

6 MONTHS – Thermoformed appliances and splints, nightguards/mouthguards are warrantied up to 6 MONTHS from the date of delivery if the failure is due to defects in materials or workmanship.

ONE YEAR - Dentures and partials including screw retained dentures but EXCLUDING immediate dentures and immediate partials are warrantied up to ONE YEAR from the date of delivery if the failure is due to defects in materials or workmanship.




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