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Blueprints To Success - CD Management Training

During the course of each year, Fuji offers numerous study groups, seminars and training sessions available for any dentist interested in attending. 

To obtain information pertaining to these events, please email and request our latest event schedule and our periodic newsletter.

Fuji Dental Lab offers valuable tools and tips from experienced leaders in the dental industry that no dentist should go without. If you are interested in discussing a specific topic or have a case that has an amazing story attached to it, please email us so that we can share it with other dentist located around the U.S.

As a world known Speaker and now retired dentist, Dr. Earl Estep visited over 1000 dental offices and learned what makes the successful practices succeed, and what makes the unsuccessful practices lose money or completely go out of business. The Blueprints to Success are a compilation of what Dr. Estep knows what works to make a successful and profitable dental practice. Dr. Estep’s well respected advice on practice management, economics and common sense guidance will entertain and educate you.

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Fuji's Finest, "Technology in Today's Times" - DVD

Blueprints to Success Magazines

  • VOL 1: Die Spacing *Instant Access To This Issue By Entering E-Mail Address Above!
  • VOL 2: Margin Preps
  • VOL 3: No Such Thing As Bad Luck
  • VOL 4: The World�s Best Kept Lab Secret
  • VOL 5: Occlusion In The Country
  • VOL 6: Practical Things To Know
  • VOL 7: The Richest Man In America
  • VOL 8: Lab�s Most Often Repeated Error� Over Contouring
  • VOL 9: Impression Materials
  • VOL 10: People Don�t Change�Only The Times
  • VOL 11: World�s Finest Temporaries
  • VOL 12: Esthetics and the Million Dollar Schedule
  • VOL 13: Beware of the Hardware Salesmen
  • VOL 14: Dentures (No. 1)
  • VOL 15: Dentures (No. 2)
  • VOL 16: Immediate Dentures
  • VOL 17: Next to Last Issue
  • VOL 18: Financial Literacy


  • �Practical Approach to Dentistry� vol 1
  • �Practical Approach to Dentistry� vol 2
  • �Dentures�
  • �Periodontics�
  • �TMJ�
  • �Esthetics�
  • �Crown Prep�



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