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Important Implant Case Information

Fuji understands how important due dates and deadlines are in order for your office to work efficiently and to maintain 100% patient’s satisfaction.

In order to achieve a better fitting implant with a custom digital abutment, our first choice will always be Atlantis Custom Abutments unless otherwise notified by your office. Atlantis Custom Abutments maintain a great natural shape verses the standard abutment.

To adjust a standard abutment takes time and does not always fit as needed, where as a custom milled abutment fits so nicely to the implant that it results in a much better custom restoration. If your office chooses to send in an implant case WITHOUT all necessary parts, Fuji will order any additional parts needed to complete the case at the expense of the doctor.

In order to process your patient’s case quickly and efficiently, please remember to include the following information:

1. Type of abutment: Titanium, Goldhue, or Zirconia.

2. Implant Mfg. and Mfg Type and size: (There is a place in your RX Special Instructions for this information).

3. Please enclose a copy of the surgical report for implant reference. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please call our office if you have any further questions!

The Fuji Team (800) 624-9412


You can call us to send you some preprinted labels. We will send you FedEx Paks so your cases can return ship to us.

Pick-ups for your shipments can be arranged by calling FedEx at (800) 463-3339. We also provide more specific instructions on shipping with FedEx. If you have a RUSH case and need to send it to us with overnight delivery, fill out our online FedEx Label Maker (additional shipping fees apply for overnight shipping)