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Fuji Dental Services

Fuji Dental Lab has been in business over 25 years and continuously maintains a prestigious reputation in crown and bridge ceramics. The objective at Fuji has always been to be the best in the field, and to seek out doctors with the same goals who appreciate the fine craftsmanship our team produces on a daily basis.

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Dental 3D Printers

Fuji Dental Lab has purchased FormLabs dental 3D printers to create models for dentists who utilize intraoral scanners in their practice. Fuji has accepted digital impressions for many years, but in the past we were waiting days after the case was sent for the 3rd party vendor models to arrive in the lab. We are now saving valuable time by using our own 3D printers rather than waiting on models to arrive. We also offer single-unit posterior crowns with a “model free” option for Dr’s who don’t want models on single unit posterior cases.

Implant Cases

Sending an Implant Case?

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