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We partner with our doctors to know the latest technology and best practices.

Fuji Dental Lab Training & Resources

Fuji Dental Lab helps to keep our clients educated about the latest in dental technology, and information we’ve acquired through years of experience and consultation.

During the course of each year, Fuji offers numerous study groups, seminars and training sessions available for any dentist interested in attending.

To obtain information pertaining to these events, please email and request our latest event schedule and our periodic newsletter.

Fuji Dental Lab also offers valuable tools and tips from experienced leaders in the dental industry that no dentist should go without. If you are interested in discussing a specific topic or have a case that has an amazing story attached to it, please email us so that we can share it with other dentist located around the U.S.

Yuji Ono is a Partner, Instructor, and Master Ceramist. A former graduate of Osaka University Dental Technology Institute, as well as a post graduate instructor at Tokyo Dental College of Technology) Yuji’s principals are used in training each ceramist.

Yuji Ono is widely considered one of the nation’s most respected ceramists, and his talents represent an invaluable contribution to Fuji’s overall success. Yuji emphasizes that training is the key to maintaining consistent quality.

We have technicians on the Fuji staff who have completed and trained along the guidelines taught by Dr. Alvin Fillastre, Dr. Bill Strupp, Dr. Pete Dawson.

As a world known Speaker and now retired dentist, Dr. Earl Estep has visited over 1000 dental offices in his career and learned what makes the successful practices succeed, and what makes the unsuccessful practices lose money or completely go out of business. The Blueprints to Success are a compilation of what Dr. Estep knows what works to make a successful and profitable dental practice. Dr. Estep’s well respected advice on practice management, economics and common sense guidance will entertain and educate you.

And, the lighthearted “Earl’s Pearls” are sure to bring a smile to your day!


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